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 Welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy browsing poetheart.com and thanks for taking the time to visit.

There are two basic sections to my site which reflect my two passions: massage therapy and poetry (body and soul). I am both a fully trained certified massage therapist and a poet...

There is much information about massage therapy in the massage portion of this site. I hope you will find it to be informative and useful. Remember that massage is a wonderful experience. If you have never had a massage before, you are truly missing something.  You should try it and discover a wonderful experience...And if you have enjoyed the health and relaxation benefits of a meassage, you should definitely continue deriving from it. The nurturing of body, mind and spirit are essential to homeostasis and the feeling of well being.

The poetry section of my site, which began with a few of my own poems and some poetry written by my friends, has slowly and steadily grown in the past (almost) two years. I hope that you are thoroughly entertained by visiting it. There is a poet interview every month followed by YOUR own questions for the featured poet answered by them. There are poems by visitors to the site. There are poems that I admire by famous and not-so-famous poets. There is also poetry by my friends. And of course, my own poetry from early to current work is also here.  (My poetry is arranged chronologically by the year in which they were written. My early work is from 1967 to 1997 and my current work is from 1998 to present).  I have posted about 150 poems from my collection.  I also have a restricted access portion of my site for very personal postings.  This is limited to close friends and those with whom I have personal transactions.

A photo album is also included on my website. I have received a number of questions about why there is a personal photo section included on this site. First of all, this is my personal website and not a commercial site. I like having pictures of family and friends and places I have been on my site. Also, the pictures are here to show you who I am and what I am about. My photo album illustrates that I am a real person, in real life. I hopefully demonstrate that this site is not just a generic piece of cyberspace.

poetheart.com has had more than 70,000 hits since it began in late 1999. The whole experience of having poetheart.com is both exhilarating and overwhelming at times. I am extremely proud of how my site has evolved. Again, thank you sincerely for visiting my website and (whether you like it or not) please feel free to write and let me know about your visit. I would enjoy hearing from you.