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~Dona Lou Pearson 03/07/49 - 08/11/02 Memory Eternal~

ll material contained on this website is by the author and may not be reproduced at all in any form without the express permission of the author. Internet publishing in no way indicates material to be "public domain" and all copyright laws are applicable.

Poetry submissions are accepted at the discretion of this site and www.poetheart.com reserves the right to refuse any/all poetry submission. Personal or contact information cannot and will not be revealed without express permission in writing from the author.

Welcome to my poetry pages. Here you will find my original poetry from my personal collection of over 500 poems, written over the past 35 years. My poetry written from 1967 to 1997 can be found in my "early work" and poetry written from 1998 to the present in my "current work." My personal poetry is arranged in chronological order by the year each work was created.

I must admit that almost all of my poems were originally written only for myself and were not consciously written for an audience of any kind. Most of my work was never read by anyone until the creation of poetheart.com. I write from my heart and try to express thoughts, ideas and feelings through my poetry. It is a means of expression for me and has always come naturally to me since I was a teenager. I've never written anything that I have considered remarkable, in my opinion....Yet I found that I could easily speak my heart through my writing. And there are a few of my poems which I truly like and am proud to have penned.

My poetry pages are updated daily and I try to keep this section of my site as current as possible at all times..New poems are added all the time. In addition to my own poems, I also include poems written by friends, work I admire, some essays and poems submitted by site visitors.

There are also poet interviews with poets who have poems posted on poetheart.com. In January, 2000 I featured Dona Lou Pearson (click here to see this interview and Q&A) who is a very good friend of mine and a high school teacher from Arkansas. It was my first interview and was successful enough to warrant my conducting another interview in February, 2000 when I featured Richard J. Amoroso (click here to see this interview and Q&A) who is a retired civil service employee from New York. In March, 2000 I continued with a third interview with Charles ("S.T.") Burrell (click here to see this interview and Q&A) who is a U.S. Army Reserve military technician from Arkansas.

No more poet interviews were conducted until the revival of that site feature in July, 2001 when I interviewed Matthew D. Ward (click here to see this interview and Q&A) who is a student from Kentucky. In August, 2001 I featured John R. Yaws (click here to see this interview and Q&A) who is a prison chaplain from Texas and the poet who created "Traveler's Tales" (several of which are published here on poetheart.com and can be found on the "The Traveler's Tales Page" in the user submissions category..In September, 2001, Marylene ("Maieh") Bauza, a student from the Philippines, became the 6th featured poet on my site (click here to see this interview and Q&A). Unfortunately, Maieh's interview was briefly interrupted by the events of September 11th, 2001 in New York and Washington, D.C. Poetheart.com was officially "closed" for a brief period and then the interview resumed. There have been no subsequent poet interviews.

I would like to recommend your reading the talented expression and creativity of the variety of poets who have their material published on my site. These poets come from everywhere, are all ages, have diverse and interesting backgrounds, write in many different styles...and express the full spectrum of emotions, thoughts, ideas, experiences. I have selected what I thought were worthy submisssions to complement the work of my friends and my own poetry. I like to think that I succeeded. Here on poetheart.com you can experience the literary talents of the wonderful poets whose work resides here with my own: Dona Lou Pearson, Richard J. Amoroso, Charles ("S.T.") Burrell, Steven Hodgin, Matthew D. Ward, John R. Yaws, Eunice Irwin, and Karl Seidman. Hear the younger voices of Ryan Jake, Dennis Failla, Montego Mercer, Cristy Ramirez, Rosanne Talocci, Chelsea, and Amber Smith. Read the poetry of Harry Whitmore, Maieh, Belinda Bennett-Hartmann, William Donaway, David M. Bayliss ("Archer") and James Angus Mackay. You must read the wonderful poems of Judi Ford - "Fly..." "From My Heart" "Two Souls Searching" and "Flesh and Bone." There is a lot of other fine work here as well.

The index for the poetry in "user submissions" has finally been modified to help site visitors access and select poetry from readers more easily. Since I have accumulated so many poems and the page had to be scrolled too much, I arranged the index in this order: first the poetry pages for the interviewed poets, next the poetry pages for poets with multiple and regular submissions, and then followed by submissions. Poets are arranged A-Z by name (except the interviewed poets are arranged chronologically). I think you will agree this was necessary and I hope you will find this system to be more organized and much easier for you to browse.

I would like to thank all the hundreds of visitors to my site who have written e-mail about the site to tell me what they liked or didn't like about the way the site is "shaping up". All of the comments, criticisms and suggestions really helped. I also want to thank all of the numerous visitors who submitted poetry for posting on this site. Their sharing their wonderful work is a great thing. I do not forget that my site is only "successful" because of the many visitors who come here and the poets who allow me to post their work. (Over 67,000 hits and literally thousands of e-mails in just a little less than three years!)

There is no competition for the renowned poets. But the art of writing should NOT be left to only the great, the famous, or the classic poets. We all have a heart and soul. We all have a need to express. Don't leave writing poetry to the "masters". You might never write anything to be another Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson. But you can be who you are and express yourself. Having this site has taught me not to be afraid to share the echoes of my heartbeat, the direction of my spirit or the love and life experiences in my memory.

My sincere thanks for coming to my poetry pages. I humbly appreciate your taking the time to read my poetry or other poetry on this site. I will welcome any comments from you. Please write and tell me whether you liked or didn't like them...and why you did or didn't. Let me know if you were able to relate to any of them...maybe what you think about them...how you feel about them...or maybe you have written something and want to share it. Let me see it and maybe I will post it here on my site...I do answer all e-mail so go ahead and write me.

Thanks for visiting my site and please drop in frequently.


(This website was completely revised in August, 2001).