You once promised me the moon
And all the stars in the night skies.
You beckoned me to come close,
Telling me to never fear you,
Promising me you were different,
Assuring me you had nothing to hide,
That you were straightforward,
And that you never ever lied
I believed you.

But ah! These things were so untrue!
Your hidden agenda manifesting itself,
Manipulating me with passive aggression,
Coveting me as a trophy for your shelf,
Trying to mold me into your creature,
Attempting to cage me like a captive bird,
Never understanding my reluctance,
Never smelling my apprehension.
Blind to my feelings

Your blantant lies alienating me
Every promise broken,
Shattering every hope in my heart,
Snuffing out every dream
Ignoring every one of my feelings
You never loved me, my dear -
You only loved the idea of loving me
And so adieu.

2001 poetheart

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