"And so I say..."

What an easy target I must seem to be for you!
How shallow your world must be beyond my words!
How empty your heart must feel -
   When you realize the shame of your intentions,
   When your severe satisfaction knots in your belly,
   At the very mention of my name...
How your bruised soul must pain you -
   While your empty arms ache against your chest,
   While my silence echoes in your deafness
   As I am extremely absent from you...
Blessed is the heart which pours forth like a fountain
Bleeding understanding, compassion and love,
Splattering all the hearts attached to it.
Blessed is he who holds my head to his chest
And loves me without condition.
Cursed is he who wields love like a sword,
For while his thinking is one-sided,
The sword has two edges.
While truth often hides between two versions -
It can be more fatal than lies.  
And searching for truth is not a quest for victory.

2001 poetheart

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