"The Arrival"

This place is so familiar
I have been here so many times before
Or maybe I have been here all along
It is comfortable here
The solitude is so welcoming
And so very welcomed
We strongly embrace
As reunited lovers embrace

Occasionally I lose my way here
Having taken a new or longer road
But I always manage the return
The murmurings of my heart guiding me
Back to this place I have come to know
And I always arrive here alone
With all of my baggage
My eyes always full, my arms always empty

My soul bare, my heart stripped
I am singular and vulnerable
I thoroughly ache in my unrequited devotion
I befriend the disappointment and then seduce it
The suffering and sadness reminding me I am alive
The gnawing ache my consolation
And wrapped in the comfort of my pain
I am filled with absence upon arrival to this void

2000 poetheart

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