"For Carl"
10/15/42 - 02/22/01

Curtains are drawn closed.
And there are many accolades.
There is much applause
For your vision and portrayal of life.

Your retreat to that place
Where your essence lives forever
Means our reluctant forfeiture
To life's natural progression.

You left no stone unturned,
And no dream undreamed.
And your one enemy came to find
The most valiant of opponents

No solemn temple or austere palace
To commemorate your being,
Your memory etched eternally -
Immortal shrines in every one of us.

Though no visible footprints
Of the footsteps you took,
We all know for certain that
The very globe is diminished now.

You did not fade into thin air.
Your pageant of life never dissolved.
You will never really be gone
Because a gentleman is forever.

For us the surreal is substantiated
As we unwittingly mourn for ourselves,
And your life continues infinitely
But we do not have the eyes to see it

All of us have inherited much from you -
Your legacy will never be betrayed
As your spirit is our inspiration,
Your light will always be our beacon.

And no day will go by without
My asking myself what you might
Do, say or think in a given situation...
As I attempt to emulate my respected friend.

2001 poetheart

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