"Confidential To My Enemy"

Heartlessly you once came to me
Waiting for me in the wings
Of my youth and my life
Like a hungry cat lurking
To steal a baby's milk breath
Like Satan coveting a new soul
You dared to try and conquer invincible me
You viciously attacked me unaware
While I was mostly saturated in happiness
You stole my health
You wanted to age my youth
You wanted to end my very life

But you underestimated me
You sold me so short
You had no idea of my lust for life
Or my ability to fight and win
But how could you know about me?
I was just another victim to you
You could not take me down
At least not without a bitter fight
I had my spirit long before you came
I was a warrior before you knew me
And before I ever thought of the likes of you
I engaged you in battle and was a worthy opponent
I defeated you

And now you have the audacity
To come back again for another round
With the same tired tactics as before
You have not improved your skills
First you wanted me in my youth
Now you want me in my prime
What would make you think I was weakened by time?
The truth is that since your first attempt
I have been well prepared and vigilant
Ready and willing to engage you again
Last time I confronted you in defense
This time I defy you with a vengeance
I will be victorious again in my strength
My Mortal Enemy, welcome back!

2000 poetheart

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