One solitary red rose
A handful of earth
Her final goodbye
To the marvel of a man
The priest had called anchor
Beloved husband
Pillar of the community
Perfect in every way

Lips snarling in disdain
Beneath her veil
No one could see
They never did
They never wanted to
Walking with dignity
From the grave toward the car
Past another grieving "widow"

Sitting alone in the back seat
Lifting her veil and sighing
Toying with the wedding band
Whispering wearily to the driver
"Take me home."
Retreating to a new solace
Memories tugging at her sleaves
But she shrugs them away

Train pulling out of the station
Moving on with her life
Leaving behind the "everything"
He had generously given her
Comforts but never real love
Too much of anything
Just like nothing at all
Dolores prayed a rosary...

May he rest in peace
And may she find the peace
That she never knew before
That she could never know before
The anchor weighing her down
Now her ship could sail
Instead of waiting at the dock
Or being anchoring in the harbor

2000 poetheart

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