Don't you ever think at any time
That the road to my door is too long
That it is not the right time -
That too much time has passed
Or that you are uninvited
I would embrace you at the entrance
And dissolve the distance between us

Don't ever believe for an instant
That a night is so dark
That a situation is so bad
That something is so wrong
Or that you cannot tell me anything
I would listen to you with my full attention
And you would be assured you are treasured

Don't ever not look me in the eyes
That we may have the intimacy of  knowing
That we may never again be estranged
That we might not fail to see truth
Or permit any wedge between us
I would feel the full reality of you
And your being entwined with mine

Don't ever not feel my love
That we are so far apart that you cannot
That your ability to feel it was not magic
That my heart does not recognize yours
Or that your heart is deaf to its beat
I will love you tenderly and sweetly always -
And until the last beat of my heart

2000 poetheart

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