First written sometime in the late 1980s as part of a story, this was misplaced
for a long time. It was recently found as a ledger bookmark in a handwritten
volume of my poetry. I thought it might be an interesting addition to my website.
- poetheart  03/19/01

Salvatore: Never before have eyes beheld such beauty
Maria: No caress can compare to your eyes on me

Salvatore: What a feast for my sight!
Maria: What power I feel!

Salvatore: I lament for all the time before I first saw you - such deprivation
Maria: Your eyes touch me in places I have never been touched before

Salvatore: The very sight of you ignites my blood to set my heart on fire
Maria: My passion rises from the depths of my very soul and I am breathless

Salvatore: Thoughts of you are the primary furnishing of my head and my heart
Maria: You are the incarnation of my deepest desires and my dreams

Salvatore: You are what I have been searching for
Maria: In your eyes I see my dreams

Salvatore: My heart sings because of you
Maria: You are my reason to be

Salvatore: Can you hear my heart beat in rhythm with yours?
Maria: My love flows for you like the neverending river

Salvatore: Let me quench my thirst and bathe in the river of your love
Maria: Yes, I hear the serenading of your heart to the balcony of mine

Salvatore: And I will make my world out of a piece of yours
Maria: Wrap me in the cocoon of your protection and safety

Salvatore: I can go on and on
Maria: We can be forever

Salvatore: I am infinity
Maria: I am eternity

Salvatore: Be my love!
Maria: Be my lover!

2001 poetheart

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