"Emily Dickinson Speaks"

Reclusive enigma
Dressed in angelic white
Illuminated by flickering candles

Strangely austere
Comfortable in her parlour
Inside the lace framed window

Silhouette figure
Cameo moon above the gardens
Empty balcony begging her presence

No bezel garnets
No claret stained lips
No need to grace the world other than words

Blissful obscurity
Her notoriety a secret
Absence from Amherst deliberate

Bark upon the cobblestones
Softening the passing carriage wheels
As brilliance bleeds uninterrupted onto her pages

Creative genius awareness
Defying categorization and tradition
Becoming her own class and tradition itself

Imaginitive simplicity
Whispering directly to the heart
Emily Dickinson speaks while caressing our souls

2001 poetheart

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