My aching lips have not experienced true kisses
Since touching yours
Though they have been pressed to many
And my heart has not beat one solitary beat
For anyone but you
Though many have attempted to jump-start it

For a long while you have not looked in my direction
But when you look into my eyes, you will know
That the music stopped playing when we parted
And that there is a hollow deep within me
I have been faithful to you

Being true to you may not mean anything to you
But I just want you to know
You have had no successor
Nor has there been any successful coup of my heart
I remain yours alone as I have always been

Passing the time I have so much of now
Going through the motions
Pretending I have moved on
Secretly going nowhere
Staying here where I belong, my love -
Forever faithful to my true heart

2001 poetheart

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