"For You"

With the wind and the rain at my back,
I now turn to face the sun.
I walk away from the contrived imagined past
You so deliciously and generously gave to me,
As you very confidently chart your own course
And make your own destiny.
Wherever I did come from,
It was before you and not since you.

I will never have to look around
To check my back
Or ever have to look back -
I will never stumble for not looking ahead.
You have looked back for me
And now you throw all my past at my feet -
Just like a child throws down his toys.

Go ahead and throw your tantrum
I will not participate
But I will be here when you are through
Having dreamed my dreams alone in the meantime
Hopefully you will be sleepy
And will come back to me and crawl into my arms
To be rocked to Dreamland
Where I wait for you.

You knew it when we met
That I was not as pure as you.
Can we all be "virgins"?
Like you?

2000 poetheart

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