"Return of Harlow"

Sensuous Mona Lisa smile,
Pregnant parting words,
Whispered poetically and softly -
Prominent enigmas embalming me
As I slowly and gently died,
The door closing quietly behind her
Becoming genesis to an eternal silence,
Her absence covering me like a grave,
Her memory the solitary flower
Decorating my stark interment

The Sphinx indelibly etched inside me,
I mourned my eclipse to Harlow.
My sorrow relentless on my heart,
This murder-suicide taking the Sun,
And ripping the Moon from the skies.
Smothering to death in the darkness,
Making my pilgrimage to Hades
My fate sealed by Harlow's farewell,
Excommunicated from reality
My tortured ghost haunting my biography

Surrealistically, time ticks on and on,
Until Harlow's Second Coming,
And I am miraculously resurrected,
Welcoming back the Sun like an Aztec,
Rejoicing the reinstated hunchbacked Moon,
My Mistress ending my hiatus,
As only she had the power...
And upon Harlow's return,
My heart beats once more
And I live again!

2001 poetheart

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