Savage darkness overtook me,
I was grasped in the merciless clutches
Of the relentless and fierce gods of night.
I found my paths of escape overgrown.
All that lay before me was
Just as much as what had fallen behind me -
And I am a hostage.

Doubt depriving me like a blindfold...
Drinking from the deep wells of despair -
The fountains of deceit overflowing.
My desires holding me captive,
My hopes and dreams pulverized,
And mixed with my salty tears,
Creating the poultice to fortify my fragile heart.

Strength dwells within the calcification -
Unrecognized by my captors and
Unbenownst even to me until
The dissolution of the chains that bind me.
In the inevitable approaching light,
With recognition, comprehension and resolution,
I am hostage no longer.


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