Passing the time with me as simply diversion
On your merry way to some other destination
Tossing me like a skimming stone
On a current going in the direction
Opposite the one you were going

Faking the toss and enjoying my reaction
Playing hide-and-go-seek
Entertainment for the underprivileged and impaired
Passing the time, keeping busy, having a hobby
It will all pay off for you in the end

Pretending to be in the Witness Protection Program
Staging your death and collecting the insurance
Masquerading...Incognito...Who am I this time?
Accepting the accolades with gratitude
Joining the ranks of those you say are not like

When the summer departs and autumn comes
Like two ships passing in the night
Look at the twisted bare arms of the apple trees -
Their awful desperate clawing into the dark October skies -
And you will remember me

2000 poetheart

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