"Ivory Tower"

You tiptoed past the scarecrow keeping guard
Just outside my heart.
Within the tower I sat confidently,
So unaware of your intentions to conquer me.
Why did you come here?
What did you think you would do?
Take me prisoner?
Cage me?
Add me to your collection of hearts?
I will never know -
My loss -
As I can only know my own suspicion.

I constructed my Ivory Tower well
(Like a fortress with no entrance),
So a wall would always remain between us
And you cannot take me prisoner.
I cannot run out to greet my supposed captor either
Or wave my white flag to surrender.
I wish I could fill up my arms with you
The way I probably would want to...
So the joke is on me!
My Ivory Tower was built with no entrance
So it has no exit!
No exit - no escape.
I am my own prisoner.
Who knew my protection
Would also be my demise?
Likely my heart will atrophy,
Wither away - like a useless thing.
And I will not have to worry.
I will not miss protecting it

All this insulation from danger and defeat is
All in vain.
The real danger has always been me.

2000 poetheart

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