"I Won't Ruin Your Hearthache"

You can stand out in the rain
And cry over me...
And the loss you feel
With your broken heart.
You can stare up at my window
Holding your breath,
And wait for my lights to go out.
I won't ruin your heartache.
I won't tell you how easy
I think your dying is for you,
While my living without you
Is so very hard for me.
I will let you think what you do:
That the darkness and the silence
Blanket me and some new love,
When the truth is that I am alone
In the dark of another lonely night.
No one will see my tears.
It doesn't mean I'm not crying them.
No, I won't spoil it for you.
I won't ruin your hearthache.
It feels as good for me -
As it feels for you...
Bleed your heart.
Revel in your satisfaction.
I will die with you -
In your thousand deaths,
In rhythm with the beats of my heart.
I won't ruin your heartache,
If you don't ruin mine.

2000 poetheart

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