"Lost souls with broken wings"

This was written when an online friend decided that the phrase "lost souls with broken wings" would be a great starting point to write a poem. We each wrote a poem with that phrase as the idea. We each had a different interpretation of the phrase. I do not have his permission to post his, but here is mine.

I have sailed on the wings of dreams
And soared on the wings of desire.
Navigating a pirate ship, it seems,
In a sea of brimstone and fire.

I have launched on gossamer wings
To journey ten thousand times.
For what would make my heart sing-
And a paradise I could not find.

Like a shadow I have sneaked
And been both a saint and whore,
Giving to each what they did seek
Till they asked me for nothing more.

All passengers safe and sound who might
Have traveled with me and conspired.
Sailed and soared on in flight,
Till my soul became weary and tired.

Direction was canceled when
I plunged down in my fall.
God was strangely silent then
Like He never really cared at all.

Now I am not only lost,
But also have broken wings.
(Too high the price it cost
To hear that toll bell ring!)

I soared on the wings of desire-
Was once the transportation.
But crashed down in smoke and fire
Now I am no one's destination.

Lost souls with broken wings-
Burdens difficult to bear.
Lost souls with broken wings-
Without a wing or a prayer.

©1998 poetheart

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