Gold cat arching his back against her leg
She sweeps him up to gently caress his fur
Fingers stained by beets and undetected sin
Snow blanketing everything but the onion domes
Fragrant smoke like incense
Oozing in slow motion from the chimney
Trailing horizontally across the winter evening sky
Wind howls around the frozen branches
Singing a cold song to her warm heart
While the icons glow behind the candles

Sitting at the paned window waiting for him
Gold cat purring on her lap
Fire glowing the sequins of her gown
Perfume like an aura surrounding her
Ready for his arrival home with a kiss
Thinking of him while her cat purrs on her lap
Thoughts wandering to another man's kiss
Unprovoked, the gold cat cries out
Clawing Marie's fingers and they bleed
Droplets of blue blood staining her gown

2000 poetheart

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