July morning like a resurrection
Ethereal and nubulous
Refreshment for well-worn spirits
Cradling well-used hearts
Whispering, 'This is very real'

Essential elements depicting
Seemingly unending enchantments
In murmurings of the heart,
Of heaven and earth
Launching words to sail the vapor

The enticing finger of living earth
Curling sweetly in its intoxicating aroma
Beckoning echoes of heartbeats
Plants and pottery demure decoration
Pregnant with true and rich sensuality

Feeling this is the edge of time
Where infinity meets eternity
Yet neither one were promised
Nor were they ever implied
This is birth without a womb

And then that pair of dirt filled boots
With plants growing contendedly inside
Immortality for someone else
Whose footsteps left their print
Whose sentiments may have once been like these

These images engraved themselves
In the mind of an obscure lover
Wanting to leave his footprints behind
But now someone who wishes instead
That his boots were filled with dirt

2000 poetheart

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