"My House"

Smell of coffee on a winter morn
Cold feet tiptoe the kitchen floor
Ah! Yet another poem is born!
Could I even ask for more?

Kettle softly moaning on the stove
The quiet gentle creak on the stairs
Familiar bark of the dog next door
Burning votives during evening prayers

Sunlight through stained glass at noon
Through the cobalt glass at four
My mail arriving none too soon
Through the slot in my front door

Lounge around for half an hour
'Cause leisure time is what I've got
Take my time to take a shower
And the water is always hot

The guest bedroom is quite cozy
Till the bell rings at my door
My neighbors aren't nosey
Could I ask for anything more?

Icons gracing most of my walls
No shouts - just prayers echo here
Friends and well-wishers come to call
Every thought of my house is dear

2000 poetheart

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