Yarmouth, Massachusetts, 07/28/00

Colors seem to celebrate!
What exactly is the occasion?
Should I have brought a gift?
Or at least a card?
Tell me yellow table.
Fill me in, salmon chair.
Speak to me, green chair.
Why so silent, Monsieur chef?
Oh, waiter! Waiter! Please?
Whisper the secret, yellow bench.

Special dishes?
This is Fiesta that I see.
The room is so rich, so fresh!
And the pottery painted bright!
Straight from the artist's palette -
Colors rich and warm
As if they decorate to celebrate.
But even Barney and Beatrice
Smirk like two Sphinx and keep the secret.

These colors truly warm my heart,
Paint it just to match
In rich je ne sais quoi
From the palette of one gentle spirit
And all the hues are here
Making celebration fun
Salut, joie de vivre!

2000 poetheart

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