Nervous a tad bit
Leprechaunishly naughty
To your enchanting faerie-like naivete
"What a fatal day!" you gasped
And I knew what you meant
Envisioning tiny sprites
In green hats with pots of gold
Sitting arm-in-arm with those Little Ones
At the end of their wee rainbows
Singing magical jigs just to charm

Devastatingly beautiful
Viewing the Northern six counties
Atop Grianan of Aileagh
Five thousand years of
Launching sweet dreams
Upon the forbidden breeze
From the fluttering faerie wings
Late morning wanderings
To court and to spark
And to melt our hearts

The plane we cancelled out
Whispers overhead through the clouds
We displaced just for this
And we picnic on the round tower
At the top of the high hill
"We could have danced all last night!"
Instead we slept and awakened to all of this
It's that much more of a dream
These fatal daggers of love
The legacy of Grianan of Aileagh!

© 2000 poetheart

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