Desire and passion,
Pleasure and pain
Closing my eyes
Feeling the mosaic -
Intricate and rich,
Extreme reality:
Physical, corporal
Paradoxical and ironic,
Thin lines and grey areas,
Reality and fantasy,
Mirage and hallucinaton,
All together here
In the bite of the forceps
And the pierce of the needle
Ah! Yes!
Reality: basic and genuine
Exquisite perfection
By a stranger's expertise

All that is,
And all that was,
And all that will be -
Through two pierces of the needle
Come together as one
And not just once but twice
(Twice blessed!)
The first to come to terms
The second to verify
And I am pierced!
My soul is pierced!
My heart is pierced!
My being is pierced!
My body is pierced!

Pierced to celebrate this anniversary
And commemorate my container
Corporal symbolism
Pierced for my sensuality
Pierced for my secret greedy nature
Pierced for my pleasure and pride
And for no one else but me
Because I had the time for the pain

2000 poetheart

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