Tell me - What do you see
When you look at me?
And what do you think
When we are together?
Please do not make one thing
Into something else.
Please take things just for what they are
And nothing more or less.
Please don't transform your disappointments
Into my shortcomings.
Please don't take those aspects of you
And make them about me.
Please don't try to fulfill the prophecies
Made once upon a time about us.

And please don't lecture me
About the hazards of my life -
How fatal being alone can be
Or how detrimental to my own good I am
Or even how untrue to myself I am being.
Spare me the unqualified psychotherapy.
Please allow me to be selfish
I want to live my life for me
Please do not remind me at all
How well you know me
When you have only had a glimpse of me.
How do you claim to know me
Better than you know yourself?
Please accept life as it really is sometimes

Everything that starts out once upon a time
Doesn't always end happily ever after...

2001 poetheart

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