"Poet Noir"

When you hear the tide whispering to the shore at night,
When your face is illuminated in the morning light,
You will then realize you know me as so many things
I am the song of life and all the verses that it sings...
I am things you remember and things you forgot,
Things that never happened - whether should have or not.

I am the quivering heart of the tender sparrow,
And the unwitting target of a cupid's aimed arrow,
I am the glowing meadow where lovers stroll,
The belfry of a church whose bells never tolled,
Journeys never made on ships that never sailed,
Words never spoken in letters never mailed

I am aged wistful memories and idealistic dreams of youth
I am the folly of life...the joy and sorrow...the lies and truth
I am the tears of loneliness, joy and battered pride
I am all that is around you and everything inside
Feel me in the gentle throbbing of your heart in love
Watch me soar in the graceful flight of a turtle dove

Love found and love lost, sense of security
Comfort and solace, turmoil and serenity
I am the storm: the lightning and the thunder
I am the rainbow afterward in all its wonder
I am everything that ever was, is, and all that will be
All these things and more - All these things are me.

2000 poetheart

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