"Rainy Night"

Such relentless downpour, catching us off guard.
We scramble like roaches do when the lights go on.
Like refugees we come in, paper bags over our heads,
Puddles on the kitchen floor, wet clothes clinging to us,
Saturated from our walk and we burst into laughter

Your dog comes running in, head tilted inquisitively.
We are stunned and wide-eyed like deer in headlights.
The lightning illuminates the driveway and thunder rattles,
The rain pounds hard on the roof and the dog runs away.
We grab onto each other and then run after the dog.

Cinnamon candles burn into the stormy rainy night -
Flickering in rhythm to the thunder echoing outside.
Turandot is the theme of our romantic rainy night.
The saturation outside seems to enhance our warmth
In the safety of each other's arms under the covers.

2001 poetheart

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