I do not believe in Dreams -
Why should I?
You have your beliefs and I have mine...
And Dreams are not included in mine.
Because once I had Dreams -
But I thought that they were Real.
Because I believed in them, it was confusing
For me - and for everyone else.

And they laughed at me.
I didn't need the publicity,
Or any help in being a fool.
I do quite well on my own.
Thanks but no thanks.
I will forego the relief from Reality.
(Reality - give it to me straight up!)
From Dreams you have to wake.

Reality will always slap your face -
Sometimes precisely when you need it.
Reality is the thing you wake up to from dreaming.
Reality is impartial, honest and just...
Reality does not lie, deceive or paint a pretty picture.
It never veils the truth.
Dreams are the watercolors running off in the rain,
While Reality is permanent - the Master's oil color.

Dreams are my sleeping Enemy,
While Reality is my Lover.
I denounce one -
And embrace the other.

2000 poetheart

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