Laughter echoes through the empty rooms
There are whispers on the stairs
Dusty memories, all faded and grey
Played over and again like an old film
His tattered outdated book of Life
His only company these lonely days

Conversations recited from memory
Like memorized catechism
No one to whisper new words to him
All the doors have been shut
All the windows have been locked
And no one calls for him anymore

Once he withdrew from all of them
But he recalls it as they turned from him
And he wonders if he ever crosses a mind
Or if there are remnants in anyone's heart
The doors never open to let anyone in
The doors never open to let him out

The world is just a memory now
Todays filled with memories of yesterdays
Leaving no room for tomorrows
Life empty and lonely and hollow
Not bitter but filled with
Could have, should have, would have

2000 poetheart

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