Taormina, Sicilia
May, 1998

Sending shivers up my spine
Bringing tears to my eyes
Filling me up with my very soul
Four bloodlines returned to homeland
Under Aetna's watchful eyes
Aristocratic Sicilian blood
Welcomed back home at last
The circle is complete

Immersed in my culture
Tongue finally untied
Corso Umberto pregnant with markets
Delighting every sense
Never a more perfect day
Enigmatic in every way
Present married to history
Changing the future forever

Belvedere terrace overlooking
The bluest Mediterranean waters
Panorama of Calabria to Regina Aetna
Spectacular and breath-taking
Piazza 9 Aprile beggars under the icon inlay
The clock tower eternally marking the time
The ancient fountain haunting
Porta Messina and Porta Catania standing guard

Why did our ancestors ever leave?
Where is the "better life" they sought?
Strange I should return here
And find what they abandoned so appealing!
Descendant offering his own descendant
Perfect opportunity to witness
The piece of earth which nourished our roots
We've come home at last!

1998 poetheart

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