"Silent Heart"

Luna's light sheds a pale glow -
Cold illumination by a severe mistress
Retreat to the quiet room of my heart is my asylum
Addicted to silence and solitude
Safe harbor from the perpetual storms of lunacy
Temple of the Silent Heart

Enhancement and detraction sleep soundly here
Snoring inaudibly and harmoniously
What shall I ever do when Luna knocks?
Monastic retreat to this chamber is no secret
How would I prevent her vicious lantern of Truth
From illuminating the tapestry of the Silent Heart?

How can I survive her savage aggression
While my tender tongue is tied?
More possible to change the tides than loose these ties that bind
To vaporize her cruel unraveling of the tapestry
Restrained and dignified silence in words I never said
Out of bitterness or reproach to the bruising of my soul
The power of the Silent Heart!

2000 poetheart

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