I do not need softly whispered words
Poured into my hungry ears
From love drenched lips
Bathing my famished heart
Or caressing my bruised soul

I do not want a tender willing lover
Nesting sweetly with me in my bed
Infinitely promising me eternity
Telling me everything I want to hear
With eyes I am more than willing to believe

I want to suffer totally alone
Cook dinner and let it spoil on the stove
Drink champagne and break the glass
And watch my cigarettes glow in the dark
Then shower until all the hot water is gone

I do not need to please anyone
And I do not want to be pleased
I do not want to be reminded of anything
To be expectedly surprised
Or unexpectedly disappointed

Without expectation there is peace
With peace, there is quiet
And with the quiet there is solitude
With solitude there is a degree of greed
In my greed there is no need - and no pain

2001 poetheart

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