"Staged Death"

In my last breaths let me smell
The scent of sweet carnations
And not the stink of death
Wreaking into my nostrils
Let me float into eternity
Intoxicated with subtle sweetness
Not overdosed by reality
For I have certainly had my fill

When I am falling asleep
For the very last time
I want to feel you kissing me
Moistening my dry lips
From which arid moans may escape
Paint a smile onto my lips with yours
So that they may say of me
That it appeared that I was happy

When my soul leaves my body
Tell them anything but the truth
Don't say I felt misunderstood
Don't say I felt alone or unloved
For while I was here singing my song
They didn't hear the music
Bury me obscurely in misconception
In an unmarked grave

2000 poetheart

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