"To Hell"

Without hesitation,
Followed temptation
To eternal damnation
Accepted the invitation
For a place in an agenda
With the touch of the fingers...
Ahh...the pleasure still lingers
While my pain still hinders
The balance of my history

How well I knew -
It would be difficult
To ever let it go
Waiting patiently
The sun went black
The stars fell from the sky
Believing each and every lie
Pretending it was the truth
Utterly enamored
Till I found myself tossed aside
Never did let it go
I was let go instead

Feared degradation
And then invited it
Feared humiliation
And then danced with it
Feared being afraid -
And then was intimate with it
But oh no!...No! No!
Could have never
Lived my life in fear of death
Surely then I would have died
In the fear of life
So took a chance
And rolled the dice
Made a wish
Blew out the candles
And here I am now
On the road to Hell

And now there is no fear
And now there is no guilt
And now there is no shame
But now there is the piper to pay
He was the tour guide
Now there is Hell to pay
For the entrance fee
I know I was not damned
For anything I did -
On my way to Hell
For all I did not do

1998 poetheart

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