"What'll I Do Now?"

You poured yourself over me like maple syrup
Many nights emulated you with their downpours
Your face at my door in the rain always made me smile
You removed those traces of sorrow from behind my eyes
That I could never hide from anyone
And when it rained, it poured all over my life
I grew thirsty with longing and fell madly in love
'What'll I do now?' I thought -
The answer came quite clear

But then the rainy season passed like it was a dream
And there was no one at my door in the rain with a grin
The sadness returned tenfold
You can see it so clearly in my eyes
And my life suffers from this drought
I am parched and my thirst is so great
Though now I realize I was in love alone
And I think "What'll I do now?"
I listen but there is no answer

2000 poetheart

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