"What was I thinking?"

When both our lives were still rising up from the horizon,
While the music played and we danced all night,
When we looked into each other's eyes,
When we felt eternal and invincible,
What was I thinking?

When we lived on promises through those hungry years,
While you whispered softly and tenderly to my heart,
While you were saying you loved me from forever,
And your words caressed my soul,
What was I thinking?

When we discovered there were thorns among the roses,
While I helped you to build the wall between us,
Which separated our dreams as we slept,
When we traded in rhyme for reason,
What was I thinking?

When there was as much behind us as there was ahead,
While we became deaf to the song of our hearts,
When the door closed for the very last time,
And I dared not turn the key again,
What was I thinking?

Now while I watch the melting sunset and the credits start roll,
And I take my place among the black and white ghosts
I am haunted by the once technicolor past,
And I wonder quietly to myself...
What was I thinking?

2001 poetheart

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