"While I Slept"

While I slept in Mommy's arms,
Her heart whispering to mine,
She prayed for all good things for me,
And tenderly kissed my brow

Once I waited for Santa Claus
My list wrinkled in my hand
While I slept he came and went
My list and stocking filled

Impatient to arrive in Providence,
Counting plates from different states,
And while I slept across the big back seat
The Plymouth always found Branch Avenue

I found myself deeply in love
I wrote her a sweet love letter
And slipped it under her door
While I slept she read it, and wrote one back to me

Once I looked for answers
To the questions of my life
While I slept they gently came,
Speaking softly to my soul

I was confused and undecided
Should I stay with my love or go?
But while I slept she packed her things
And crept quietly out the door

Once a vicious devouring illness
Required prayers and surgery
While I slept in an ether dream
God and surgeon's hands conquered it

When my mother was very sick
I used to cry behind her back
While I slept she slipped away
Without my even being there

Took a piece of yard for my garden
And planted, watered and watched
While I slept, my plants sprouted and grew
I thought of Jack and the Beanstalk

Then I thought I found love again
You could not tell me I was wrong
And while I slept my love found love
Now I go to bed alone

I mostly pace the floors at night
I just cannot seem to sleep
While I slept for better or worse,
Life always went on and on

2000 poetheart

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