"Au Revoir"

Outside the sycamores shed their leaves
Arms desperately scratching at the sky
This is how I imagine you will look
After I tell you I am saying goodbye

I plan your demise with skill and precision
Kick you out to the curb: the old heave ho
You'll fight and you'll scream, cry and beg
But nothing you do will matter then though

My mind is made up - so sorry, you lose
Take it easy, goodbye, see you around
Did I tell you I'm better off without you?
Tell you about something better I found?

Comparative shopping really does pay off
Sure beats hanging around hoping for fun
You're the last one to know, I'm first to admit
Listen...can't talk anymore ‘cause I gotta run

There, there now, isn't this better?
Boy! I should really sleep well tonight
Glad that it's you (not me) ripped apart
This somehow feels so good - so right

Au revoir, she said...Au revoir!

©1984 poetheart

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