"Blue Moon Cafe (Prospect Street)"

I've been here before just to hang out in the night
From the shadows and street lamps you always appear
My lips bathed in my coffee and pale moonlight
As my heart whispers to me: 'Your love is here'

Too shy to approach you - where would I start?
Feelings and thoughts remain unspoken words
I reach out to you with each beat of my heart,
With admiring eyes, and echoes not heard

Too many nights I have gone home alone
And I have welcomed the dawn too many times
Without you beside me making me moan
Breaking my silence and sounding the chimes

Tonight perhaps some sweet conversation?
Bathing your lips in moonlit coffee with me?
Please just tell me yes without hesitation -
You and I at one table on Prospect Street!

Make this my last night hanging out alone
Watching shadows and street lamps for you to appear
Come to my table where sparks have flown
And maybe whisper to me: 'Your love is here'

Please join me for coffee and share the moonlight
Let it start at Blue Moon on Prospect Street
And let this be when we finally take flight -
Only one thing left: We just have to meet!

1973 poetheart

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