They say a Revolution is coming
But it's already started
It started before anyone realized
That a Revolution was to come
It started in out heads and hearts

The face of this nation is different
The voice of the people will be heard
And the people will have the power
As the fathers intended to them to have
And then we can really be free

The way we look is different
And the way we think is different
And social consciousness abounds
We don't just sit back anymore
And let the establishment decide our fate

No more divide and conquer
Regardless of color, creed or nationality
We will all be equal and live together
As brothers in a brand new age
Children of Peace and Love in a revived culture

No more complacency and resignation
No more letting injustice prevail
We know that what happens to one of us
Can happen to any of us
We are the generation who cares!

Our society is seeing many changes
There are many more to come
The Revolution is already in progress
Can you feel it happening?
Can you feel the changes?

Time will surely tell it all plainly:
A Second American Revolution took place
And changed the tide of our history
This is the turning point of our culture
And we are responsible for the changes!

1968 poetheart

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