These gods wait in the shadows,
With powers and clay feet and all.
They have come to collect their dues
And give answer to your fervent call.

You have made your sacrifices,
And your offering was received.
But that was just a down payment.
Hah! You have been deceived.

The darkness seemed so harmless,
Until you really took a look
These are demons in disguise -
Your loss of faith is all it took.

They have come to conquer,
And to devour hearts of stone
Like those solicitors always do
When they get you on the phone.

But they were not uninvited -
In fact, you beckoned them to come.
Now the demons are out of the shadows -
And you have no place else to run.

And above your head your prayers
Like desperate little bridges arch,
And you discover the faith you had lost,
As toward you scores of demon-gods march.

You expect at least an indulgence -
Like maybe cut your sins in half ?
But how long before you say again:
'Bring on another Golden Calf!'

Suddenly you hear a clock ticking
And alarming in your ear -
You feel the dawn upon you.
It's morning! Morning's here!

1994 poetheart

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