"A Thousand Dreams"

When that day comes when I will not see you again,
Only these my grief can know:
                    Almighty God
                    My silent broken heart
                    And the moon reflecting in my mirror.
For I will dream a thousand dreams
And in each one I will whisper:
                    Where are you?
                    Where did you go?
                    Where is the one who kissed my heart?

And after a thousand dreams,
I will dream a thousand dreams more -
And in those I will cry:
                    Come back! Come back!
                    Come back to me whose soul you have tattooed!
                    Come back to the heart engraved with your name!
                    Come back to the arms which are so empty since you left!

When I do not see you again,
I will remember your face so well,
And though your face would be etched in my memory,
My grief would be deeper than my tongue could tell.

If I cannot find you,
Then someday I pray you will find me
And together we could dream one dream.
And in it we would each whisper: 'I love you!'
We could say it softly like a prayer,
Or shout loud like a joyful praise.
It would be the profession of truth - or mayve a lie.
It simply would not matter then.

1975 poetheart

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