Eternity is caught as in each other's arms we lay
Forever is right here, right now - but soon will fade away.
Outside a fragrant lullabye of a gentle evening rain,
Love and contentment spilling over without leaving any stain.

Aroma of patchouli, as our verses end in rhyme,
We know it even now that this is 'once upon a time'.
We search each other's eyes but leave everything unsaid.
All we are or will ever be we became upon this bed.

You are mine and I am yours until this forever disappears -
Our glory etched in memory to last a thousand years.
In pieces of dreams and fantasy, we survive our eclipse:
Baptized reincarnations of passionate lovers' lips.

All I am or will ever be is a heart and soul on fire.
And you, my object of desire, are consumed by my love pyre.
Let eternity be here and now as we lay upon this bed.
Love is here - unspoken, with all we leave unsaid.

1997 poetheart

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