One month's mail spread out
Across the kitchen table
Like a half-done jigsaw puzzle
Or a panting dog cooling on the front lawn
Or a pleasured whore smoking a cigarette

One plate, one bowl, a spoon and a fork
One glass with greasy lip marks on the rim
All snickering in unison from the bottom of the sink
Unambitious symbols of singularity
Enjoying the lack of water or soap

Tangled bed unmade for days
Curtains drawn like an inner sanctum
Clothing strewn like petals before a missing bride
Walls anemic of absorbed secrets in whispers
Obscure cracked-face alarm correct twice a day.

Fire! Fire! I say "Let it burn!"
Finally! There is life!
Passionate and consuming
Mere existence is liberated!
Fire! Fire! Let it burn! Burn!

1991 poetheart

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