"Fork in the Road"

Empty glasses and unwelcome flower carts,
Tattered love letters and two broken hearts,
Shattered jelly jars once filled up with dreams -
Unrealized forever (or so now it seems)

Dusty torn photographs once captured the time
Of this dynamic duo - deaf mute and mime.
Now right between them the curtains are drawn,
And their dirty laundry is strewn on the lawn.

No matter what happened, it won't anymore -
They ripped every stitch and closed every door.
The moon saw just one heart and then morning came,
And the sun, like a spotlight, showed nothing the same.

A pity the murmuring of two hearts went unspoken
And isolation and silence will never be broken.
As in duel, back-to-back, they now take ten paces -
First steps on their way to two different places.

1977 poetheart

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