"The Hermit"

His lantern floats in darkness.
           A lighthouse to eternity.
What is behind you is just as visible as what lies ahead.
You just don't know where you are.
East is West.
North is South.
All direction has been cancelled.
You are defined only by the light.
Who you are now.
And your history and destiny both.

His lantern continues to move on in the darkness.
Sometimes shedding light on the fears
            And sins blanketed by the darkness he moves in.
He illuminates you.
You are bathed in light.
The holy bearer is eclipsed.
You never see his face.

This version of you is the best one yet.
It is one you never invented.
But is was you all the while.
            Only now visible in the light.
The lantern reflects your face.
You don't believe this is you.
So you slowly close one eye
            And watch the countless reflections.
All cascading within themselves.
You watch the cyclops in the lighted glass.
And then you close your other eye.
Ahh! There is harmony here.

There is only the darkness -
            And the light.
And the light bearer and you.
No fame or fortune and no words. (Holy silence!)
Just realization and intention.
There are also wishes, hopes and dreams here.

God might be here too -
He works part time as the lantern bearer.

1976 poetheart

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