"I Came To See You"

I came here to see you -
But you are not here
Just a slab of marble
Your named inscribed
Your face etched in porcelain
A haunting icon

I came here to see you -
Knowing you are not here
Shrine of stone
Random loving thoughts of you
But too uniform with all the others
You were too uncommon and too unique
You deserved a Taj Mahal

I came here to see you -
Though I really don't know why
I can see you in a thousand other places
In the smiling eyes of my children
In all of their expressions
In the moving clouds for moments at a time
In the face of the Madonna
At everything important in my life
You are everywhere

You are alive in me
In my descendents
In all who knew you
In all who learn about you
You live on in our minds
And in our hearts
In our lives and memory
Yes - I see you everywhere but here
I came here to see you -
But I cannot find you here
You did not die
You are immortal
Memory eternal

1994 poetheart

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