"Judith Sang For Us"

January glazing all the tree branches and
They tap dance on the window panes
Fire blazing in the upstairs bedroom
As you deliberately drive me insane
Five in the morning - still we're possessed
And we stay fixed in each other's eyes
We burn up in desire and Judith sang for us
As our souls meet at the gates of Paradise

I am the classic captive heart it seems
Willing victim of your seductive charms
You are the only one with yesterdays
I came from the cradle and into your arms
You have rainbows under your wings
As I spread mine for the very first time
And Judith sang for us in the very words
Of our own hearts - rhythm and rhyme

Someday when twenty years have passed -
And my heart matures and I am wiser,
I will know that tonight's "main course"
Was really and truly just the appetizer
Famished I came to the Banquet of Life
And sat down at the table as your guest
And as we indulged, Judith sang for us
You and I together are truly the best!

1975 poetheart

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