"Just Me!"

Who am I but me?
Just me!
Not defined by how I look
Or what I believe
Or what I do
Or where I go
All just elements
Each just a facet
I'm very eclectic
I'm even electric
Call me eccentric
Just me!

In Watermelon Sugar
Kahlil Gibran
Bobby Seale
Allen Ginsberg
Cleaver and Hoffman
Black Panthers and SDS
Jack Kerouac
The Underground
Jefferson Airplane
Rolling Stones
Frank Zappa
Just part of my mantra

Long haired hippie
Politically astute
A guerilla intellectual
Knack for cool
Singing a different song
Dancing to a different drum
Hearing a different beat
Estranged stranger in a strange world
Who am I?
What am I?
I don't have a clue
Neither do you

Just me!

1970 poetheart

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